Enable Patient-Centric, Paperless Clinical Trials

Go paperless and deliver a better patient experience.

Veeva for Research Sites

MyVeeva for Patients is a new application that clinical research sites can use to digitally connect with research patients.

With capabilities for eConsent, virtual visits, patient adherence, and ePRO, MyVeeva gives sites more flexibility and makes it easier for patients to participate in clinical trials.

Improve the Research Experience for Patients

Collaborate with patients remotely to reduce patient burden and improve satisfaction.

Streamline Study and Participant Management

Reduce redundancy and simplify the delivery, collection, filling, and storage of patient-related information.

Free for Sites

Engage virtually with your patients across all of your studies at no cost with a system that you own and control.

MyVeeva for Patients is Planned to Include:


Easily share information and collect patient consent electronically with less time and effort. Allow patients to use their own device to provide consent for improved convenience. Now available for early adopters.

Veeva eConsent is Available Now
Virtual Visits

Collaborate remotely with audio and video capabilities, allowing seamless communication between sites and patients.


Replace paper questionnaires by allowing patients to report on treatment outcomes electronically, from their own mobile device.

Patient Adherence

Help patients take medications and adhere to their treatment regimens. Send reminders to patients about study activities to support protocol compliance.

Integrate with Veeva SiteVault

Connect seamlessly with Veeva SiteVault to reduce redundancy across studies and patients.

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