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Deliver a better patient experience while creating efficiencies for your site with Veeva eConsent.

Veeva for Research Sites

Veeva eConsent is a new way of thinking about the consenting process for patients – and it’s free for study sites.

Break free from legacy tools and long paper documents. Give your patients access to a modern digital consent experience that fits into their daily lives. Use eConsent across all your studies to drive efficiency, quality, and provide better patient care.

Veeva eConsent is fully validated by Veeva and supports compliance with HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, and regional data privacy requirements.

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Why Choose Veeva eConsent

Free and Validated

Use a free system that is trusted by sponsors and fully validated by Veeva to reduce compliance risk and cost burden.


The only eConsent solution that manages the full consenting lifecycle between sponsors, sites, and patients – allowing sites to operate in a single, site-owned system.

Complete Visibility

The system’s unique ability to manage both documents and data provides full visibility into all aspects of the consenting process for improved compliance and efficiency.

eConsent Features

Flexible Consent Options

Enable in-person or remote eConsent on any device. A signed copy of the ICF is stored in the patient's app and can be downloaded anytime.

Compliant eSignatures

Patients and study staff sign ICFs in full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.


Full visibility of patient consent status, date, and version gives sites and monitors the vital information needed to support compliance.

Version and Audit Controls

Automate versioning and view date / time stamps for better compliance and traceability. Easily compare documents to previous versions to see what has changed.

Editable Consent Forms

Modify ICFs with easy-to-use editor tools to standardize consent forms across your studies.

Sharing and Collaboration

Easily share and collaborate on informed consent forms between sponsors and sites.

Focused Review

Guide patients with an easy-to-navigate layout and ensure all sections are reviewed prior to sign-off.

Interactive Content

Easily add images and videos to aid in comprehension. Add custom questions to collect additional information and enhance the consenting process.

Seamless Integration with SiteVault

Manage eConsent across all studies through SiteVault Free, reducing administrative burden and training requirements.

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Validated and Secure

Veeva eConsent is fully validated by Veeva and supports compliance with HIPAA and regional data privacy requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to Veeva eConsent?

Veeva eConsent is enabled for free in Veeva SiteVault Free. If you are an existing SiteVault Free user, you already have access to eConsent within SiteVault. SiteVault Enterprise customers also have access to Veeva eConsent but will require implementation. If you are not an existing SiteVault user, you can get access by signing up for SiteVault Free here.

Can Veeva eConsent be used independently from other features in SiteVault?

Yes. While you must sign up for SiteVault to get access, you can choose to only use the eConsent functionality within SiteVault on all studies or only specific studies.

Can Veeva eConsent be used across all my studies?

Yes. Veeva eConsent is not a sponsor-specific platform, which allows you to standardize your SOPs, workflows, and training for consenting across all studies to improve compliance and efficiency. Learn more about the benefits of a standard eConsent solution here.

Additional Questions?

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Veeva eConsent is included in SiteVault Free, a free and validated clinical research management system for sites. For access to eConsent, sign up for SiteVault Free today.

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