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Review commonly asked questions about Veeva SiteVault.

Pricing and Support

Yes. You can use SiteVault Free for any study, regardless of the funding source, as long as you’re working as the investigator.

SiteVault Free will always be free. As a Public Benefit Corporation, Veeva has a legal responsibility to balance the interests of multiple stakeholders, including customers, employees, partners, and shareholders. We want to help make the industries we serve more productive – and one of the ways we do that is by offering SiteVault Free at no cost to research sites around the world.

Veeva also offers a paid version of SiteVault, SiteVault Enterprise, which includes additional features, including configurable workflows, self-service reports, open API for integration, Single Sign-On, and more.

There is no limit on the number of studies, documents, or users that you can have in SiteVault.

SiteVault is built to handle files of all types of media, including videos. A single file size has a four-gigabyte limit.

SiteVault utilizes Amazon Web Services for our primary cloud infrastructure. This includes backup and redundancy capabilities. You can learn more here:

SiteVault Free is fully validated by Veeva, and all validation documentation will be made available to customers from within the application.

Yes. Comprehensive support (phone,email, and chat) is available from Veeva at no cost. Support is currently offered during U.S. business hours.

Yes, this resource kit provides information to help you learn more and create a business case to present SiteVault Free to management.

Features and Functionality

Yes. If you have a document, such as a CV that is linked with an investigator, and you add a new version, the document will be updated across all of the investigator’s studies.

At this time, there is only a single folder structure in the eBinder view of SiteVault Free. Using a standard folder structure helps all SiteVault users quickly find what they are looking for and more easily identify missing files.

Yes. The eSignature workflow is available for the following documents: CV, Protocol Signature Page, Form FDA 1572, Acceptance of IB, Financial Disclosure Form.

Sites can upload a copy of an ink-signed document using the certified copy workflow. SiteVault Free includes a certified copy workflow that can be used in cases like this.

SiteVault Free does not currently integrate with other systems but does integrate with other Veeva systems including Site Connect and MyVeeva for Patients. However, SiteVault Enterprise has an open API that enables integration with other systems.

A Site Administrator has full access to all data and documents for the site. They can create and manage user accounts for the site including PIs, study team staff, and monitors.

There are three types of users for the Research Organization level and the Site level in SiteVault Free: Administrator, Staff, and External (Monitors, Auditors, Inspectors). Of these, only the Administrator user type can create additional users for a research organization or site. Administrators will control access to the system. After creating a Staff or External user, an Administrator can assign them to one or more specific studies. This assignment allows that user to see or edit documents & information for those studies. In addition, one or more Add-On permissions can be added to the Research Organization Staff and Site Staff system roles to extend a user’s access to certain data and documents.


To sign up, complete this form and be sure to add your department or location if you are part of a larger organization. Your account will be created typically within one to two business days. If you have any questions, please contact SiteVault Support and a member of the team will connect with you over the phone or via email to assist you.

As part of the signup form, you must review the Terms of Service, as FDA regulations require that any vendor providing services to a regulated entity must have an agreement in place.

Once your account is created, the primary contact will receive a welcome email and a user account with permissions to create additional users access to the system. You will also have access to all of the training resources and help documentation to get started.

No. SiteVault Free is a web-based application that can be accessed from any internet-connected computer, tablet, or mobile device.

SiteVault supports frequently used features on Apple iOS and Android with Safari and Chrome web browsers, respectively. Some document markup and advanced features may not be available when accessing the system from a mobile phone or tablet.

Veeva eConsent

Veeva eConsent is enabled for free in Veeva SiteVault Free.

If you are an existing SiteVault Free user, you already have access to eConsent within SiteVault. To learn more or start using eConsent at your site, review the product page, watch the demo, review the help documentation, attend a training course, or contact our Site Success team today.

SiteVault Enterprise customers also have access to Veeva eConsent but will require implementation.

If you are not an existing SiteVault user, you can get access to eConsent by signing up for SiteVault Free.

Yes. Veeva eConsent is not a sponsor-specific platform, which allows you to standardize your SOPs, workflows, and training for consenting across all studies to improve compliance and efficiency. Learn more about the benefits of a standard eConsent solution here.

The best way to gain acceptance from your IRB or sponsor is by communicating how it will streamline processes and benefit your patients. Here are a few examples:

  • Improve patient retention and satisfaction by providing a convenient way to provide consent and access study documentation.
  • Enhance comprehension and knowledge retention with an easy-to-navigate system that supports images, videos, and questions.
  • Improve safety and compliance by allowing for timely collection of the subject’s consent data from remote locations and rapid notification to the subject of any amendments pertaining to the informed consent that may affect their willingness to continue to participate.

You can also provide them with the following resources:

Lastly, you can share a preview of the consent form with your IRB or sponsor within SiteVault so they can review the patient experience.

Demonstrate compliance by establishing SOPs. This will serve as a resource for training staff and reinforce your site’s commitment to quality assurance. Veeva provides an SOP template for eConsent.

Provide security and validation documentation. Provide the Technical and Operational Security Whitepaper and Validation Documents to your sponsor or IRB to further demonstrate compliance.

Understand the regulations. The FDA regulations permit investigators to use electronic informed consent, as long as the process facilitates the patient’s comprehension and ensures data quality and integrity. Learn more about the FDA guidelines here and the OHRP guidelines here.

Yes. While you must sign up for SiteVault to get access, you can choose to only use the eConsent functionality within SiteVault on all studies or only specific studies, if desired.

Working with Sponsors and CROs

Yes. SiteVault can be used for any study, regardless of funding source. You can grant all monitors access to your SiteVault, regardless of which company they work for.

SiteVault is used to manage site regulatory binders or the Investigator Site File (ISF) across all types of clinical research, such as industry-sponsored, Federally funded and single-site Investigator Initiated Trials (IITs). If you are acting as an investigator on a trial, SiteVault is for you. This can include CROs and AROs running Phase 1 units. If you are in the role of a sponsor in clinical research Veeva’s Clinical Operations applications are built for you.

In SiteVault, the customer site owns and controls their own data, including regulatory and source documents, except as provided in our Terms of Service or as may otherwise be required by law. The sites decide what documents to share and with whom to share them.

For information about how Veeva addresses privacy and customer data, see our Privacy Statement and Veeva and Customer Data.

Sites control access to SiteVault Free by outside monitors and auditors. Sites manage the access by outside monitors and auditors, and sites determine which documents, including regulatory and source documents, are shared with them. For additional information about how Veeva addresses privacy, see Veeva’s Privacy Policy.

Yes. Sites have access to all of the validation documentation and Technical and Operational Security Whitepaper from within the SiteVault Free system.

SiteVault is built on Veeva Vault which has been validated by Veeva Systems in accordance with industry-standard validation guidelines and regulations (e.g. 21CFR820.75, 21CFR211.68, 21CFR11, EU Annex 11).

This content is intended for informational purposes only and does not form part of any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any specific functionality. Features and functions described in this document will be released commercially only when and if they become available. The development, release, and timing of the features or functionality of Veeva’s products remain at the sole discretion of Veeva.

SiteVault Free will retain study data for 25 years following the date of study creation. SiteVault Enterprise will retain study data indefinitely or as long as you own the application.

This content is intended for informational purposes only and does not form part of any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any specific functionality. Features and functions described in this document will be released commercially only when and if they become available. The development, release, and timing of the features or functionality of Veeva’s products remain at the sole discretion of Veeva.

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