3 Minute Demo: Veeva SiteVault eRegulatory

Watch a 3-minute video to see how clinical research sites can seamlessly manage regulatory documents and process in SiteVault to reduce administrative burden, speed study activation, and improve visibility.

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Clinical research sites currently rely on a complex mix of paper-based processes, email, portals, and shared drives to manage start-up and regulatory documentation. The problem is that these disconnected systems slow you down, leave you with a disjointed picture of trial activities, and increase your risk of non-compliance.

What if you could manage all of your regulatory tasks – from study startup to archival – in one platform?

Veeva makes it possible.

Veeva SiteVault gives clinical research sites everything they need to manage regulatory documents and trial processes in a single, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system. SiteVault is owned and managed by you – the site – and can be used for all trials, regardless of the technology your sponsors use.

Let’s take a look at a few ways Veeva SiteVault helps reduce administrative burden, speed study activation, and increase visibility.

Say goodbye to paper regulatory binders, manual spreadsheets, and trackers. Intelligent reports and dashboards provide real-time visibility, enabling you to identify trends or determine what actions need to be taken. For compliance and quality management, you can see documents that are about to expire, and drill in to take action or flag changes for others.

The SiteVault homepage gives your PI and study staff complete visibility of all tasks assigned to them, including any that are overdue. Documents can be reviewed and electronically signed from any location to ensure timely turnarounds. Once signed, the documents status and name is automatically updated to ensure consistency across studies.

SiteVault’s search and version compare help you quickly find documents and review changes for improved visibility and compliance. You can search by keyword to pull up any file by name. You can even search within the contents of a document. All files added to SiteVault are scanned and converted to searchable text, helping you quickly find the documents you need.

With audit trails, you can see that every action taken is timestamped and recorded, giving you a crystal clear picture of who’s viewed, downloaded, or changed a document.

Version comparison helps you quickly view previous versions of a document, or see what’s changed between two versions.

SiteVault’s powerful automation helps reduce administrative work, speed study activation, and improve compliance.

As documents are added, they are automatically named to ensure consistency across teams. Adding a new team member to a study automatically grants them permission to view or edit relevant study documents based on their role within the trial. This also pulls in their CV, medical license, and relevant profile documents to the study binder, saving you time by eliminating the need to manually copy documents.

These are just a few ways Veeva SiteVault helps reduce administrative work so you can focus on your research. With two versions to choose from, SiteVault Free and SiteVault Enterprise – Veeva has the right solution for you.

Ready to see what SiteVault can do for you? Watch a full demonstration of SiteVault Free or contact us to schedule a demonstration of SiteVault Enterprise today.