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Seamlessly exchange study information
with sponsors and CROs through a single system.

Veeva SiteVault

Veeva SiteVault Study Connect is a place for sites to securely access and exchange trial information with sponsors and CROs using Veeva Clinical applications.

Take control of your information exchange processes by managing study information, communication, and tasks in a single system.

Setup is easy and documents are auto-filed to Veeva SiteVault eRegulatory so sites can go fully digital to reduce administrative work and spend more time with patients.

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Information Sharing Made Easy

Easily exchange study information with less effort through a single application that’s seamlessly connected to sponsors and CROs without third-party integrations.

Speed Study Start-up and Execution

Complete study start-up activities, share trial information, and communicate with your sponsor or CRO in one place to save time and reduce repetitive work.

Choice and Control

Collaborate without compromising data privacy, security, and control. Retain full visibility of historical data after study close-out in a secure, site-owned system.


Seamless Document Exchange

Receive and exchange start-up packages, regulatory documents, invoices, payment info, and end-of-study media to reduce manual steps and redundant requests.

Receive and Acknowledge Safety Letters

Simplify the receipt and acknowledgment process around safety letters and quickly file them into SiteVault eRegulatory to save time and ensure investigators stay informed.

Auto-file Documents into eRegulatory

Provide investigators and staff with quick and easy access to information with a system that automatically files study documents into SiteVault eRegulatory.

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Manage eConsent

Make patient participation in clinical trials easier by providing convenient access to consent forms and key study information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Study Connect?

Sites will be invited to share documents within Veeva SiteVault by the trial sponsor or CRO.

How can I get help setting up Study Connect?

Veeva provides comprehensive support to help sites set up Study Connect including self-help resources, live and on-demand training, phone/chat/email support, and a dedicated site success team.

Can Study Connect be used independently from other features in SiteVault?

Yes. While you must have a Veeva SiteVault account, you can choose to only use the Study Connect functionality where requested by your sponsor.

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