University of Louisville: Improving Regulatory Compliance with Veeva SiteVault

The University of Louisville needed a modern eRegulatory system to streamline the management of its investigator site file. Watch this video to hear how Veeva SiteVault enabled them to improve efficiency and collaboration across their teams and study partners.

Transcript: A lot of the challenges we face as a university doing complex clinical research is the new regulations and new more complicated protocols that we receive on a daily basis. The regulations are definitely getting tougher and tougher every day and the competition in the market is going very fast.

Our challenges were in the fact that we couldn’t find documentation when we needed it and we couldn’t get things accomplished very quickly because we’re spread out over an entire campus.

We tried to use our server. We tried to push our end users to follow a certain pathway on the server. Over time, everybody goes back to their comfort zone. So in order to be competitive and responsive in the environment, we had to consider a system that supported that and Veeva does that very well. Document naming conventions; it’s already standardized in our operations.

Already when I mention that we use SiteVault, the sponsors and CROs that I work for, understand what I’m talking about. I’ve had a lot of very positive feedback already with sponsors that I’m working with.

I feel like we have already accomplished a lot in the means of standardization in the means of process improvement. If I had to describe SiteVault, it would be intuitive, top-notch, innovative, easy to use, flexible. We are extremely happy with the product that we picked.

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